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Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this bump, and this grind, in unholy choreography.


Welcome to the Temple of Tease! Glasgow's School of Burlesque. Join us and revel in bumps, grinds, and body worship.

Our classes and one-to-one mentorship combine movement and musicality, traditional burlesque techniques and stagecraft, modern music, and filthy floorwork.

Even if you've never tried dance or burlesque before, this is the perfect pastime for you!

The power of tease compels you!

Class Locations

MONDAYS @ Move Studio, 27-45 Stockwell Pl, Glasgow G1 4HS.

TUESDAYS @ Studio 22, 22 Jamaica Street, Glasgow G1 4QD.


Important Booking Information!

  • All classes must be booked and paid in advance.

  • Due to frequent no-shows as well as last minute cancellation of unpaid bookings, bookings are not refundable or transferable to another course/class.


What to do if it's your first class!


Trying anything new can be intimidating! But don't worry, we are a friendly, welcoming and inclusive bunch. Here are some tips of what to do before/at your first class:

  1. Let Frisky know if you have any injuries or particular needs/accomodations

  2. Decide what you want to wear! We recommend something comfortable, and supportive that allows you to move. We don't often wear heels, but you're welcome to bring some with you. We recommend a low/mid height dance heel. Check our instagram to see what others wear for inspiration!

  3. Keep an eye on your emails for your reminder email with important information about your class.

  4. Grab some knee pads and/or long socks to protect your wee legs.

  5. Come to the studio 5minutes before class and say hello to your teacher and new community!

Email if you have questions about available courses below.

For more information about the Glasgow School of Burlesque, see

Upcoming 2024 Schedule

(just a sneak peek of what is still to come!)

Introduction to Striptease with Agatha Frisky

Best in Show(girl) with Bendy Belle

Bump & Grind Choreography with Elle St Regis

Glamour Ghouls with Lacy Rain

Face Down Ass Up with Agatha Frisky

Feather Fan Dancing with Agatha Frisky

Solo Act Development with Agatha Frisky

Open Level Movement with Tom Harlow

and... maybe more!

Missed out booking the class you wanted?

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