New Orleans Bump

Frisky's signature interpretation of classic burlesque with a singular flavour of in your face passion and attitude.



Mrs Robinson


Woah! Woah! Woah! Teaming up with infamous ladykiller, The Great Gadso, explore the darker side of one of fictions most intriguing femme fatales. Jesus loves you more than you will know...







Love is the Drug


Evoking the era of smokey gin-joints and the effortless grace of Sally Rand, this act combines the beauty of the classic fan dance with a jazz arrangement of modern classics by Bryan Ferry.




All About the Wiggle


An homage to the heinie! A ballad to the booty! A composition to the keister! A rhyme to the rear-end! A poesy to the posterior!

Agatha Frisky pays tribute to her favourite body part to perv on using her favourite medium, Vintage Jazz!










Le Dodo


Fall down the rabbit hole and experience the tragedy of one of the world's most mysterious and misunderstood creatures. Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and a neo-gothic interpretation of the Victorian aesthetic, expect the unexpected...









A tongue in cheek take on classic burlesque with an emphasis of teasing and revealing what is right in front of your face!